Gender and Development Policy

More than a policy: a commitment

Development and Peace, as an organization devoted to development, social justice and solidarity, adopted a policy in March 1995 to help ensure equitable relations between women and men. The policy applies to our members, our staff and our partners in the South, both in terms of structures and programs.

The Policy's General Objectives

The policy supports a Gender and Development approach designed to contribute to the full recognition of women's rights as human rights. It hopes to ensure fairness and equity so that women and men can participate on an equal basis in decision-making and in developing a better society. It is based on the philosophy underlying equal opportunity programs, whose purpose is to counter discrimination against women in organizations and society at large.

Policy Implementation Action Goals

As a result of its Gender and Development program, Development and Peace is committed to:

  • Developing mechanisms to integrate Gender and Development considerations into all stages and all levels of our operations.

  • Taking steps to increase women's representation at all levels and in all decision-making bodies in the organization.

  • Developing and reinforcing the planning and management capabilities of the Development Programs Department to take into account gender relations issues in all regions where the organization works.

  • Establishing mechanisms to ensure open dialogue with Development and Peace's partners abroad so that their expertise is used to attain the objectives of the Gender and Development Policy in the South.

  • Strengthening the Education Sectors' ability to plan and produce educational activities and materials that take into account issues concerning female/male relations.

  • Ensuring that Development and Peace's internal and external communications follow the guidelines of the Gender and Development Policy.

  • Developing equal opportunity mechanisms in the organization's Human Resources unit to eliminate all direct or indirect discrimination against women and ensure equitable treatment in terms of working conditions.

  • Establishing a structure of responsibility and accountability for implementing the Gender and Development policy, and ensuring that all personnel integrate its vision into their daily work.

A booklet concerning the Gender and Development Policy is available in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese by contacting Development and Peace.