Achieving food sovereignty: Women are the key!

In honour of International Women’s Day on March 8th, Development and Peace wants to highlight the fundamental role that women play in bringing about food security and food sovereignty.

Women make up nearly 50% of the agricultural work force in the Global South*. In rural areas, it is mostly women who care for seedlings and assiduously attend to the daily tasks of weeding and farming. They also participate in harvesting crops and sell the surplus at the market.

However, their key role in global food production is not fully recognized. They face substantial obstacles, in particular, they do not benefit from the same access as men to land, seeds, fertilizer, trainings and farming tools. A case in point, is that women produce 80% of the food in Africa, yet own only 1% of the land*.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), support for women farmers is the best strategy in the fight against world hunger and poverty. Research confirms that in the hands of women, an increase in family income improves children’s health and nutrition*.

Local partner organizations supported by Development and Peace are working to ensure that everyone, both women and men, have the same rights and the same access to goods, services and opportunities.

Development and Peace expresses it solidarity with all the women who day after day work tirelessly to build a more just world – one where their contribution to society is recognized and valued as much as men’s.

As part of our current Share Lent campaign, we are inviting Canadians to stand in solidarity with, amongst others, small family farmers who grow food to feed themselves and the world.

*Sources: WFP and FAO