Celebrating life, love and hope for all!

Today we rejoice that Christ has risen, that life has conquered death. Easter offers the promise of a new future, the promise of a society based on compassion and solidarity in which every woman and every man will be able to live in dignity as children of God.

For Development and Peace, the promise of this new future is at the heart of the work of our members and our partners who struggle every day to break the chains of injustice and poverty.

We see the hope of the resurrection every day in the hands of women and men who work the land to feed their families. This hope is in the eyes of those who are defending their rights. We also see it in the smiles of children who can play again after the guns have fallen silent or who can go to school for the first time.

It is your solidarity that keeps this hope alive in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

On behalf of the Development and Peace team, thank you for your support and for having journeyed with us this Lent. We wish you a very happy Easter!