Toward the Future, United in Faith and Trust


Toward the Future, United in Faith and Trust

It is with deep gratitude that the members of the National Council of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace receive the pastoral letter from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops on the occasion of our 50th anniversary.

The title — Toward the Future, United in Faith and Trust — is also the heart of the message of this important document, which will be an inspiration in pursuing the mission that our pastors have entrusted to us.

With this letter, it is indeed the entire Canadian Church that is celebrating 50 years of solidarity by highlighting some of the best moments of our journey together and at the same time “keeping an eye on the horizon.” In this way we continue to build our common dream of a future under the sign of love, justice, and peace.

We thank the bishops of Canada for the trust and support they have shown us throughout our history. We humbly welcome the “sacred trust” that they renew in their appeal “to the clergy, consecrated persons and laity to work closely with and support Development and Peace – Caritas Canada.”

Even today, the challenges of our world and the suffering of the poorest of our sisters and brothers call for our solidarity. As the official international solidarity organization of the Catholic Church in Canada, we intend to continue our close collaboration with the Catholic community and the Canadian public to continuously relieve the “immediate needs of people” while ensuring “that the effort” is “sustainable” and addresses the root causes of poverty and injustice.

In this letter, published on the feast of Christ the King and on the occasion of the solemn conclusion of the Jubilee of Mercy, our bishops invite us to continue the dual mandate of our mission: to work alongside the poorest in the countries of the Global South and to educate, raise awareness and mobilize the Canadian public to overcome the barriers to integral development facing every man, woman and child throughout the world.

They also ask us to continue our efforts to mobilize youth and participate in the vitality of life in “each diocese, eparchy, parish and religious house throughout Canada.”

With faith, humility and a strengthened sense of responsibility, we accept this call to continue our mission within our Church and in the world.

Confident that we can always count on the collaboration, prayers and guidance of our pastors, as well as the generosity of parishioners across the country, we believe that Development and Peace – Caritas Canada will continue in the future to be a movement of transformation and hope in announcing “the Good News of the Gospel by giving witness to mercy and being bearers of joy and peace.”


Jean-Denis Lampron
President of the National Council of Development and Peace – Caritas Canada

Hélène Tremblay-Boyko
Vice-President of the National Council of Development and Peace – Caritas Canada

Montreal, November 26, 2016


Toward the Future, United in Faith and Trust DEVP letter

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Toward the Future, United in Faith and Trust