Let’s make sure that international development and climate change are election issues!

In the lead-up to the October 19th federal election, Development and Peace has produced an electoral guide to assist its members and all Canadians who are committed to international social justice in having dialogue with candidates in their riding about urgent issues including climate change and foreign aid.

The guide is aimed at helping citizens gain a clear perspective on the position of candidates and their respective parties on certain issues that are negatively affecting communities in the Global South. Policies which affect climate change, including Canadian energy policy, are highlighted in the guide, as climate change is the central theme of Development and Peace’s upcoming Create a Climate of Change campaign that will be launched at the end of August.

The guide also provides information and suggested questions for candidates on Canada’s foreign aid policies related to the Official Development Assistance Accountability Act, agriculture and food security.

Elections are a key moment to participate in the democratic process, a right that is still denied to millions of people around the world, including several countries where Development and Peace is working to strengthen democracy and citizen participation. Development and Peace encourages all citizens to vote and learn more about how their candidates intend to support poverty eradication in the world today.


Download the guide here.

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