Many thanks!

Our Create a Climate of Change Share Lent campaign has come to an end, and we wish to warmly thank all those who devoted their time, energy, compassion and solidarity to making this campaign a success. We also want to thank all our donors, who made contributions towards supporting our most vulnerable sisters and brothers in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East in their struggle for dignity and justice.

This year’s Share Lent campaign provided an opportunity to re-iterate Pope Francis’ powerful message from his encyclical Laudato Si’ to care for our common home. It more important now than ever that we do so since our sisters and brothers in the Global South are already suffering from the devastating impacts of climate change, despite being the ones who contribute the least to the carbon emissions that are responsible for rising temperatures.

Hundreds of fundraising and awareness activities were organized across the country by Development and Peace members and volunteers. Members and parishioners participated in community meals, conferences, cultural evenings, and concerts, all while supporting the poorest and most vulnerable members of the human family. And let us not forget the hundreds of dedicated youth who took part in THINKfasts. Through these 25-hour fundraising and educational fasts they showed their solidarity with communities in the Global South.

During February and March, we also welcomed guests from Haiti, Indonesia, Lebanon, Nigeria and Paraguay, who came to bear witness of the courage of the communities that they work a partners of Development and Peace. They participated in various activities in the Atlantic Provinces, Alberta, the Yukon, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec.

For the second consecutive year, we offered a mobile App that gave users the opportunity to learn, pray and act on a daily basis and connect with our sisters and brothers in the Global South striving to create a climate of change. Many of you found it educational and inspiring, and we thank you for your feedback!

The Share Lent campaign culminated with the fifth Sunday of Lent, on March 13, when special collections for Development and Peace’s work were organized in most parishes across the country

Once again, thanks to one and all for your extraordinary generosity!