Sow much love… and thanks to give!

To mark the end of the 2015 Share Lent campaign, Sow Much Love… to Give, Development and Peace wishes to underscore the outstanding contribution of everyone who took part in the campaign and whose deep commitment led them to generously give their time, energy and solidarity to helping our sisters and brothers in the Global South. We also wish to thank our donors whose generosity will directly support communities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East in their struggle for dignity and justice.

Hundreds of fundraising and awareness-raising activities were organized by Development and Peace members and volunteers from coast to coast. These included community meals, conferences and concerts, to name but a few, all of which allowed parishioners to come together and show their solidarity with the world’s poorest and most marginalized people. Hundreds of youth participated in THINKfast, a 25-hour educational fast in solidarity with communities in Global South countries.

In February and March, we were fortunate to receive visitors from some of our partner organizations in the Philippines, Brazil, Colombia, and Madagascar, who came to bear witness to the struggles of small-scale farmers in their respective countries and how Development and Peace is supporting them in working on these issues. They took part in various activities with members in British Colombia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

A new resource this year was the mobile application that invited users to learn, pray, and act each day as a way to connect with our sisters and brothers in the Global South who are struggling to build a world without hunger. Nearly 3,000 users downloaded the app onto their smartphones or tablets!

This year, Share Lent provided an opportunity to highlight the important role of small family farmers in the struggle to combat hunger, and to add our voice to those of Catholics and people from all over the world who are calling for an end to hunger.

The Share Lent campaign culminated on March 22, the fifth Sunday of Lent, when collections for Development and Peace took place in most parishes across the country. 

Thank you again to one and all for your generosity!