Support a just, negotiated, political solution to the war in Syria

Since its founding in 1967, Development and Peace has been working in the Middle East, responding to recurring humanitarian crises in the region.

Over the last 10 years, our work has focused on supporting local and regional organizations who are working on building and promoting peace. We are currently working with the Caritas network and other civil-society organizations in the region to respond to the growing needs of the most vulnerable in Syria and those in neighbouring countries who are affected by this crisis.

With the approach of the second conference on peace in Syria (Geneva II), Development and Peace is supporting a declaration made by Pax Christi International, a member of our network, entitled, “Support a just, negotiated, political solution to the war in Syria.”

By supporting this declaration, we are asking the Canadian government to act to promote the following recommendations:

  • Guaranteeing full access to humanitarian aid;
  • Urging international donors to honour and even increase their commitments of foreign aid for countries in the region that are hosting millions of Syrian refugees;
  • Opening borders and offering refugee status to Syrians who are fleeing the conflict;and
  • Encouraging the international community to cooperate with the Syrian people in support of a vigorous peace-building agenda.

 We invite you to read the full declaration.