The Taratra PROJECT for good governance of the exploitation Madagascar’s natural resources

Madasgacar benefits from important natural resources, and this richness is increasingly attracting the interest of mining companies.

In order for the population of Madagascar – one of the poorest in the world – to benefit from these riches, Development and Peace has partnered with the Bishops’ Conference of Madagascar to put in place the Taratra PROJECT. The objective of the project is to advocate for good governance surrounding the exploitation of the island’s natural resources.

The project aims to give civil society, Church commissions and the local community the knowledge and the capacity to follow and ask for reports from local authorities at different levels to ensure transparency and the fair distribution of the benefits from mining.

As part of the project, workshops, training sessions and platforms for sharing and exchanging information are organized to reach important stakeholders such local civil society orgnizations, territorial authorities and active movements of the Catholic Church, particularly Peace and Justice Commissions, priests and religious orders.