Today is the Sow Much Love Sign the Petition Day!

In honour of World Food Day today, take action against hunger by joining in Development and Peace’s Sign the Petition Day! Raise your voice with other concerned Canadians from across the country and act in solidarity with small family farmers and peasants around the world!

Invite people to sign the petition calling for the respect of the rights of small family farmers to use, save, and exchange their seeds. Seeds are part of creation and are for the common good; they should not be owned by corporations!

Print the petition from our website, grab your clipboard and a pen, and head to your nearest grocery store, farmers’ market, produce stand, or restaurant, and give other Canadians the chance to express their concerns about world hunger and the importance of small scale farmers in responding to this global emergency.

Once you have 25 signatures, you can either mail or bring your petition to your Member of Parliament, who can then present it to the House of Commons. Be sure to fill out the simple online form at so that we can keep track of the number of petitions signed and MPs contacted across Canada.

You can also sign the petition on-line and invite your friends on Facebook to sign it too.

With Canadians across the country gathering signatures, this campaign is sure to make a difference in the fight for the right to seeds. On October 16, make a difference in the lives of small family farmers and peasants around the world!