Vandana Shiva on small family farmers and their right to seeds

In mid-November, Development and Peace co-sponsored feminist seed advocate and scientist Dr. Vandana Shiva’s attendance at Food Secure Canada’s national assembly in Halifax. This assembly brought together food growers, food activists, food academics, and food policymakers in order to discuss the best ways to ensure that people across Canada and around the world will be able to feed themselves.

We had the chance to interview the world-renowned environmental activist and seed defender. Dr. Shiva’s evidence-based policy proposals are grounded in her extensive knowledge of seeds and the role of farmers in preserving seed biodiversity. She uses our fall campaign slogan “Sow Much Love” to evoke the spiritual aspect of planting seeds and farming, when it can be done with dignity, respect, and love.

Let yourself be inspired by her insight. Watch the full interview above or the clips below and sign our petition
calling on the Canadian government to ensure that the right of family farmers to seeds is respected.