Eco-Friendly Scavenger Hunt (home edition)

Objective: To help families identify green (and less green) practices at home
Duration: 1 hour

Laudato Si for Kids booklet

Objective: To help young people understand the main points of Laudato Si’
Duration: 3 hours

Scrambling for Resources

Objective: To explore the relationships between gender, fairness and wealth distribution.
Duration: 30-45 minutes

The Nobel Peace Prize Laureates of D&P

Objective: Discover the work of three Nobel Peace Prize Laureates who fought or continue to fight for social justice and the examples they set for us.
Duration: 45-60 minutes

Laudato Si’ Jenga

Objective: Understand the key ideas in the encyclical Laudato Si’ and catalyze actions to promote a healthier planet
Duration: 45-60 minutes

The KAIROS Blanket Exercise

Objective: To understand the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada in historical and contemporary contexts and inspire action for reconciliation.
Duration: 90-120 minutes

The Farm Workers’ Prayer

Objective: To reflect and pray.
Duration: 10 minutes

The Small Family Farming Challenge

Objective: Understand the role of small family farmers in feeding the world’s population.
Duration: 60-90 minutes

The Candy Currency Game

Objective: To illustrate charity and justice responses to poverty and inequality.
Duration: 15 minutes

Solidarity Circle

Objective: To understand the relationship between distributive justice, solidarity, and human dignity.
Duration: 10-20 minutes