Moving People Skit

Objective: To enable participants to reflect on the value and dignity of each person, and explore the Parable of the Sheep and the Goats
Duration: 45-60 minutes

To Reach Across Borders

Objective: To reflect and pray for refugees, and to connect spiritually with people far away.
Duration: 5-15 minutes

Forced Migration and the Culture of Encounter

Objective: To reflect on migration in our faith tradition and introduce the global Share the Journey campaign.
Duration: 5-15 minutes

A Moment For Grace: A Prayer for Refugees

Objective: To reflect on our own prejudices and situate our prayers for refugees within our faith.
Duration: 5-15 minutes

Walk Guide for Share the Journey

Objective: Show your solidarity with migrants by organizing a walk in support of Pope Francis’s global Share the Journey campaign – create your banners and get walking!
Duration: 30-90 minutes

Just Like Me

Objective: To expand the circle of people for whom we have genuine concern and encourage connection with those on the other side of the world.
Duration: 5-15 minutes

On the Move: A Refugee Simulation Activity

Objective: To help participants appreciate the struggles a refugee family may experience in their journey to safety, and better empathise with the situation of refugees.
Duration: 50 minutes