The negative impacts of mining on women in Sierra Leone

January 9, 2019
Geneviève Talbot, Program Officer - Africa
The negative benefits of mining for women in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a resource-rich country with significant deposits of iron ore, diamonds, bauxite, rutile and gold. The mineral resources are contributing about 24% to the country's GDP...

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Catholics come together to call for climate justice at COP24


This week, negotiators from 197 countries have come together in Poland for U.N. climate talks at COP24, which may be the world’s last chance to ensure that we respond to the global climate crisis. 


Honduras: the dirty politics of clean energy

August 1, 2018
Mary Durran, Latin America Programs Officer
Honduras: the dirty politics of clean energy

Development and Peace has been working for 20 years now in partnership with Caritas Choluteca in southern Honduras.  Our current collaboration with this diocesan Caritas seeks to empower local communities to defend...

Extractivism threatening women around the world

Extractivism threatening women

In 1846, five leaders of the Tsilhqot’in Nation in British Columbia made their way to meet with British colonial authorities in what they believed were peace talks after they had killed...


G7 Summit under the Canadian presidency: concrete proposals for climate justice, equality, and peace

G7 - concrete proposals for climate justice, equality, and peace

Canada is currently hosting the G7 in Charlevoix, Quebec, which will bring together the leaders of the 7 wealthiest nations...


45 land defenders from over 20 countries will participate in conference on women resisting extractivism in Montreal

Women Resisting Extractivism Montreal

From April 27 to 30, Development and Peace partners Chantheany Mout from DPA in Cambodia and Nur Neşe Karahan from Beyond Istanbul...


As Syria burns, why is the world not doing more?

Syria burns - Ghouta has become the theatre of horrific violence

In the last few weeks, the war in Syria has taken on new and frightening proportions as the besieged area of eastern Ghouta has become the theatre of horrific violence that has trapped 400,000 civilians...


Increase in the International Aid Budget: A Mixed Success

Increase in the International Aid Budget

Development and Peace-Caritas Canada welcomes the budgetary increase in Canada’s international development assistance that was announced in the recent 2018 federal budget, but calls on the Government of Canada to...


Trudeau government brings an ambitious feminist vision to Canada's foreign policy, but no budget to bring it to light

Since Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced to the world that “Canada is back!” after his election in 2015, the world has been watching...


Two years after Mariana mining disaster, it is time for legally binding mechanisms on business and human rights

Two years ago, Brazil experienced the worst environmental disaster in its history when a dam holding back iron tailings from the Samarco mine burst. The released mud ripped through several villages in the district of Mariana...