In solidarity with those opposing pipelines on their ancestral lands

opposing pipelines

The government of Canada recently announced that it rejected the construction of the Northern Gateway pipeline, which would have cut through the protected forests in British Columbia, but approved two other pipelines...


Syria campaign: Canada shows leadership in peace process

providing humanitarian aid to Syrians

After five years of providing humanitarian aid to Syrians, whose country is being destroyed by violent conflict, Development and Peace added to its response by launching an advocacy campaign in the spring of 2016


Documentary supported by Development and Peace expresses solidarity with the people of Palestine

Solidarity with the people of Palestine

In solidarity with the people of the Palestinian Territories, Development and Peace supported the production of the documentary Open Bethlehem, which shows the impacts of the wall, as told from the viewpoint of filmmaker...


COP22: Was it the COP of action and agriculture that it had set out to be?

The COP22 was meant to be the “COP of Action,” but now at the end, we are left to wonder whether it was worthy of this slogan, considering the final decisions that were made.


Making sure the government does its part in Typhoon Haiyan reconstruction

 Typhoon Haiyan reconstruction

It has already been three years since Super Typhoon Haiyan (known locally as Yolanda) ripped through the Visayas in the Philippines, yet reports show that only 1% of houses promised by the government have been built.


Implementing the Paris Agreement: agriculture must be at the heart of solutions

role of agriculture in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)

As COP22 begins in Marrakech, Morocco today, it is interesting to think about the role of agriculture in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and in the adaptation of our food-production system.


Help us make mining justice a reality!

Voice for Justice campaign

In 2013, the launch of the Voice for Justice campaign was an important step in the mobilization of Canadians for mining justice in Canada.


Brazil: Still no justice one year after Mariana mining disaster

One year ago, Brazil experienced the worst environmental disaster in its history, when a tailings dam collapsed at the Mariana iron ore mining site in the state of Minas Gerais, dumping millions of tonnes of mud and toxins into the Rio Doce River.


On October 31, pray for peace in Syria

On October 31, Development and Peace – Caritas Canada invites Canadians to join Pope Francis in a day of prayer and action for peace in Syria.


Le Canada ratifie l’accord de Paris : il est maintenant temps de passer à l’action !

Le Canada ratifie l’accord de Paris

Le 5 octobre dernier, la Chambre des communes du Canada a appuyé la ratification de l'accord de Paris, participant par le fait même à franchir le seuil requis pour l’entrée en vigueur de cet accord historique...