Stripping Naked in the Market Square

September 12, 2013
Brother Joachim Ostermann, OFM

The way St. Francis of Assisi broke with his previous life was quite dramatic. He stripped off all his clothes and returned them to his father. It was a clear statement. He publicly rejected both the privileges and the responsibilities that came with his birth as the son of a wealthy merchant. This scene unfolded before the bishop of Assisi, and he immediately covered Francis with his mantle. This was to show that Francis was now under his protection and authority.

An act of selflessness for a more just world

September 12, 2013
Pat Kennedy, Chairperson, National Council and President, Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace
Pat Kennedy

This is what we are witnessing today through the gesture of Joachim Ostermann, who recently professed his solemn vows to enter the Order of Friars Minor (OFM), whose members are commonly known as the Franciscans.

Old postage stamps put back to work for Development and Peace!

April 8, 2013
Pascal-André Charlebois, Animator, Québec

On Saturday, March 23rd, thousands of used stamps from around the world went back into circulation! Some 300 philatelists from the regions of Montreal and Québec City turned out at stamp sales that raised $7,758.90 for Development and Peace’s projects in South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


Renew the Passion

March 29, 2013
Luke Stocking, Deputy Director, In Canada Programs

It is time to renew the passion.

Today is Good Friday for Catholics. What Jesus endured on this day we call the Passion. It was today that Jesus was put to trial and executed on a cross. This execution took place because he revealed a God whose passion for life, love and the poor could not be controlled by earthly authority or power.

It is Indeed a passionate day - a day of great emotion. It is because of Good Friday that we can say God truly knows what it is to suffer violence, hatred, poverty, and death.

Together for the Good Friday Fast!

March 27, 2013
Khoudia Ndiaye, Communications Officer

On the occasion of the Good Friday Fast, a number of people are preparing to raise funds in solidarity with Development and Peace so as to support our partners in Africa, Asia, Latin American and the Middle East. Hundreds of Canadians from all across the nation will be taking part. Fasting represents a symbolic choice in favour of solidarity with the poor, the oppressed, and the hungry, and provides a time-out to concentrate on what really matters.

What does a recipe for a fast look like?

March 26, 2013
Luke Stocking, Deputy Director, In Canada Programs
THINKfast Good Friday Fast

First, take a rich tradition like the Catholic one of fasting on Good Friday.

Add 241 people and 67 groups across Canada who want to share their hope for a better world with their family and friends and are willing to go without food to do so.

Mix them together and you have the Development and Peace Good Friday Fast - an online effort to cook up support for our mission of building a better world. The fast happens this Friday, March 29th!

Commitment to human dignity is needed more than ever in our world today

February 13, 2013
Richard Smith, Archbishop of Edmonton, President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

Commitment to human dignity is needed more than ever in our world today. One billion among us go hungry, and countless others are sacrificed to the idols of greed, violence, and war.

Join Development and Peace in recognizing International Human Solidarity Day

December 20, 2012
William Reynolds, Online Outreach Officer

In 2005, the UN General Assembly proclaimed December 20th to be International Human Solidarity Day to promote and strengthen the culture of solidarity and the spirit of sharing necessary for working towards the eradication of poverty.

World leaders recognized that in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, solidarity and cooperation would be imperative to international relations in the 21st century. After all, the United Nations has been a long-standing proponent that striving for international peace and security relies on unity, harmony, and solidarity.

Sowing the seeds of solidarity

October 23, 2012
Josianne Gauthier, Deputy Executive Director and Guy Des Aulniers, Program Officer for Emergency Relief

Apparently, it is never too early to teach the concept of solidarity, nor does it have to be difficult. When the Director of our 3-year-old boy’s daycare informed me that she intended to put together an awareness-building project on Africa for the 2-5 year-olds and that the exercise would culminate in a fundraising activity in support of our West Africa appeal, I was both moved and surprised.


New video on food crisis in the Sahel

August 31, 2012
Kelly Di Domenico, Communications Officer

Over 18 million people are suffering from food shortages in the Sahel region of West Africa and Development and Peace is helping. To learn more about our response with our partners in the region, watch On the Brink: Hunger in the Sahel, a new video produced in collaboration with Salt+Light TV.