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Archbishop in Peru threatened for calling for responsible environmental regulation of smelter

March 14, 2012
Mary Durran, International Programs Officer for Latin America
Archbishop Barreto of Huancayo, Peru

On March 2nd, 2012, Archbishop Pedro Jimeno Barreto of Huancayo and his team, received anonymous death threats for opposing the re-opening of a US owned polymetallic smelter in the city of La Oroya.

The not-so-quiet monk

March 6, 2012
By Suzanne Slobodian, Fundraising Officer, Major Gifts

I recently had the privilege, along with some of my other colleagues, to pass an hour in the company of the Venerable Sovath, a Cambodian monk who is making himself heard by the authorities in his country. In fact, because he has dared to even ask the most simple of questions – Why can’t I be here? What laws have I broken? Or even just Why? - he has been banned from staying in the pagodas of Cambodia, which are places of worship. Furthermore, there are now concerns over his personal safety.

Carbon Offsets worsening a Human Rights Crisis in the Lower Aguan, Honduras

February 28, 2012
Mary Durran, International Programs Officer for Latin America
Local people remembering the victims of human rights violations

For most people, the mention of the Kyoto Protocol does not evoke an association with the tropical lowlands of Honduras, nor with human rights abuses.

Yet Development and Peace’s Honduran partner, the Popol Nah Tun Foundation, come face to face every day with an unpleasant and less well known facet of the Kyoto Protocol – the Clean Development Mechanism, an important component of the global carbon trading market.

JCTR urges the new government to stop wastage of public resources

February 8, 2012
Guy Des Aulniers, Program Officer for Emergency Relief

Wastage of public resources should never be allowed to continue, says the Jesuit Center for Theological Reflection (JCTR) to the new elected government in Zambia in a press statement issued last week. “In a poor country like Zambia where poverty levels are as high as 63% and the incidence of rural poverty as high as 78%,” says Sydney Mwansa, Programme Officer in the Economic Equity and Development Programme of the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR), “every ngwee counts and should therefore be collected and spent for the intended purpose and beneficiaries.”


Joint peace initiative by Muslim and Christian groups in Northern Nigeria

January 23, 2012
Trevor Cook, International development programs officer for Nigeria

The BBC reported on Monday, Jan. 23 that both Muslim and Christian residents of Kano, the northern Nigerian city where at least 160 people were killed in a series of attacks on Friday, have been urged to heed a day of prayer.

Our partners in Nigeria about the current situation

January 17, 2012
Trevor Cook, Program Officer for Nigeria

The current unrest in Nigeria, that seemed to have started because of the Government’s decision to cut subsidies to the fuel industry - has caught international attention. Some of Development and Peace’s partners offer further insight on this situation, as it is being felt directly from the ground, and how civil society and ordinary citizens have come together to demand change and justice.

A busy end of year for the Centre Jeunes Kamenge

December 20, 2011
Guy Des Aulniers

The Centre Jeunes Kamenge (Kamenge Youth Centre) in Burundi has been a partner of Development and Peace since 2000. It received the Right Livelihood Award (the alternative Nobel prize) in 2002 and the Premio Takunda, a prize awarded by the Italian international solidarity organization CESVI, in 2010. In this country, where conflict and insecurity endure, some 2,000 youth between the ages of 15 and 25, come to the Centre to learn Spanish, computer skills and more. And in essence, learn to live together.