Time to THINKfast

January 30, 2012
Shelley Burgoyne, Youth Officer

THINKfast is a dual-purpose program that provides an interactive, fun and social way for high school and university students to learn about the serious issues of injustice in the world and to raise funds for Development and Peace. The THINKfast kit is published at the beginning of each year and contains activities, prayers and reflections related to the current Development and Peace campaign.

THINKfast is distributed to hundreds of youth ministers, chaplains, teachers, Development and Peace members and youth across the country who then plan the 25-hour event in their local community during Lent. Each year, students join in solidarity with those who are hungry, poor or oppressed and raise approximately $200,000 to support Development and Peace partners in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East!

Visit our Youth Blog to learn more about THINKfast and how you can become involved!

Download the THINKfast guide.