Solidarity Calendar

This Lent, we invite you to bring Jesus’s message of love to life using our Solidarity Calendar.

Day by day, you can pray, learn, act, reflect, watch videos and donate to support Development and Peace’s partners in the Global South who are building a world of justice!

Download your Solidarity Calendar, print it, color it to your liking and post it in a prominent place at home.

Share a photo of your decorated calendar on social media, remembering to tag @DevPeace #ShareLent2022 or email it to

👉Download the Solidarity Calendar

Videos to watch and other things to do online!

March 2nd

March 9

March 11

March 14

March 17

March 18

Canada must enact a law to protect people and the planet from companies behaving badly.

Sign the petition with your family.

March 25

April 1st

Development and Peace is active in almost 30 countries.

Check out the map on our website to see which ones.

April 2nd

Are you up for the Good Friday Spreading Solidarity challenge?

Start an online fundraising page and invite friends and family to donate.

April 3rd – Solidarity Sunday

Bring your donation jar to church for
today’s Solidarity Sunday collection or donate online at


April 4

April 7

April 14

April 16 – Holy Saturday

Would your family want to Share Year-Round?

Monthly giving is better for you, us, our partners and
the people they serve.