St Joseph Parish/St Anne Parish

Goal $ 500.00
$ 650.00 raised
Andy & Julie Wybenga
$ 25.00
Good Luck Father Brian and all participating !!
Sean Simpson
$ 50.00
Thanks for participating in the fast, Father.
This year, a joint THINKfast will be held with St Anne and St Joseph Church from April 5-6 at St Joseph. This exciting event invites us to find our place and voice in the world. We learn about how others live through a variety of fun activities, and get to know one another better too.

Every year, thousands of students and young adults gather in groups both large and small in every province of the country to make a difference. By participating in a 25 hour fast, Canadian youth stand in solidarity with those in the Global South who need our support. The youth gain a greater understanding of the structural issues that perpetuate poverty and injustice.

Fasting is a way to join in solidarity with those who are hungry, poor, or oppressed. In our culture of abundance, it is good to fast and remember to be grateful for all that we have.

Thank you for supporting our incredible youth as they learn, grow, and pray together.
St Joseph Parish/St Anne Parish Raised
Brian Quigley $ 400.00
Mary Forcier $ 175.00