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Ethiopia suffers from prolonged droughts that are only getting worse due to climate change. This significantly impacts crop production and perpetuates poverty and hunger. Watch the story of how climate change is affecting one community, and read the story of Gebre Nigusse, who is learning to adapt to climate with the help of Development and Peace and its partners.


Honduras is considered the country most affected by the impacts of extreme weather. The impacts of climate change in the country are being exacerbated by large-scale mining projects. Watch the story of one community trying to cope with threats to their environment and their livelihoods, and read the story of Francesca Muñoz, who is worried about the future if climate change continues as its current pace.

The Philippines

Super typhoons are becoming the new normal in the Philippines. These typhoons have winds that can reach up to 300 km/hr and generate waves as high as 5 feet. This is a direct result of rising temperatures. Watch the story of how extreme weather is affecting the Philippines and its people, and read the harrowing story of Super Typhoon Haiyan survivor Caroline Coati.