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Gudiela Charampia


Gudiela Charampia

Participant in the National Agrarian Coordination’s multiethnic political training school in the Chocó region.

What tools are provided to women at the multiethnic political training school to empower them?

If we, women, have the necessary tools and know how to react when a conflict, war or armed group arrives in our village, then we can stand up and defend our community and territory, rather than having to flee and be displaced.


What is your greatest dream?

I dream of seing my community united. I dream that our living conditions improve so that children stay with us rather than having to leave to the city or joining gangs and being part of criminal activities. I dream that we can all live in peace, together.

Gudiela is an Embera Dobika Indigenous woman that lives in Chocó, a region in Colombia that is rich in natural resources. She lives in a remote area and her community lives on what they cultivate. Gudiela has been participating in the NAC’s trainings since 2014 as a way to get the necessary tools to defend her community, territory and culture. Because of this project, which receives financial support from Development and Peace, Gudiela is able to attend meetings and trainings outside of her village.

What is NAC’s multiethnic political training school?

The multiethnic political training school was born in 2014 and its goal is to empower Colombian women living in rural areas. In this school, women analyze and discuss gender equality, the challenges to development, women’s active participation in the community, and women’s participation in building peace at the local, regional and national levels. They also discuss their common concerns, issues and challenges, and how to engage in a reliable and credible manner with local, regional and national authorities and other organizations.


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