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Rabia Kadiry

Co-trainer for HOPe

What is peace?

I do believe that peace is being able to reach the hearts of people around you. When you can explain what’s going on inside you and when they understand. When you can influence people positively and be able to pass inner peace to the outside with patience. I realized that if you have inner peace, you can easily project it to the people around you, be it friends, family, co-workers or even on a national level. Inner peace can be easily transformed into social peace.


Why are women essential to peacebuilding? 

A woman generally has a great influence on her society. She’s the one mostly capable of creating change, because when she influences her family and children, she actually influences her society. And each member of the family influences people around them and so on. So this is the importance of women in spreading the concept of peace.

While attending a workshop on peacebuilding organized by our partner HOPe, Rabia saw the profound impact it had on participants and decided to get additional training from HOPe to become a co-trainer. In collaboration with HOPe, Rabia, a professional social worker, now organizes and facilitates workshops on alleviating social tensions and laying the groundwork for peaceful co-existence and reconciliation.

House of Peace

House of Peace (HOPe) is a peacebuilding organization that is supported by Development and Peace that is working to build a solid foundation for peace in Syria and Lebanon. At HOPe, women play a central role both as project leaders and as participants. Three of the seven HOPe staff members are women, and 70% of the participants are women. HOPe provides social peacebuilding workshops in Syria and Lebanon for local community groups and humanitarian NGOs. The workshops are designed to ease social tensions and establish pathways towards peaceful co-existence and reconciliation


Together, let’s take
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