Our partnership model of community development

Our partnership model ensures that most of our program funding ends up in the hands of local organizations in the countries we help. We support local partners and organizations to build capacity within communities and help the most vulnerable people become agents of their own development. The benefits of this approach include:


The people closest to a situation are often best positioned to manage it. Our partners deal with issues that matter to their communities and address them in ways that make sense to them.


Our partners’ programs use local talent, resources, and skills rather than ready made solutions that make local economies forever dependent on foreign resources and expertise over the long run.


Working directly with local partners ensures that projects respect the knowledge and needs of communities and eliminates the cost of operating country offices.


The majority of program funds reach local communities and partners who retain ownership of the projects or facilities they build.

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Our action in the following countries

To come

  • Mali
  • Palestine
  • Tunisia