A video of Caritas in action during the food crisis in Kenya

Last May 30th, the government of Kenya declared a national disaster in response to a drought that was taking hold in the country. The situation became catastrophic, when in addition, refugees from Somalia began to stream across the border into the country.

Caritas Kenya wanted to lighten the suffering of Kenyan families most affected by this drought by providing them with water and food, while also supporting the re-launch of their economic activities with the distribution of seeds, livestock, fodder and the repair of water sources. Caritas Kenya’s program is reaching 30,420 households, or the equivalent of 182,500 people, in 14 of the worst-affected dioceses in the country. Development and Peace contributed $350,000 towards this program.

Caritas Internationalis has produced a short documentary on the work that is being carried out by Caritas Kenya. It is very impressive!