A highly successful youth assembly!

Development and Peace recently held its 2018 National Youth Assembly from Friday, January 26 to Sunday, January 28. The Youth Assembly began with a casual dinner and greetings from the two National Council Youth Representatives, Alexandra Elena Cadar and Landon Turlock, making everyone feel welcome! The 2018 Youth Assembly was launched in a spirit of communal bonding!

On the second day of the assembly, presentations were given about Development and Peace partners in the Global South, attesting to the concrete reality of the work carried out by our movement.  These sessions were much appreciated by the youth members who listened attentively and who asked many important questions of the project officers: ‘How is a projects success and the satisfaction of the beneficiaries assessed? How are we ensuring that work with partners is not further complicating the situations of the vulnerable and marginalized populations that it is intended to support?’  
At the heart of the many conversations the priority was always the well-being and genuine concern for our partners and for the local communities where Development and Peace offers its support and solidarity.

Finally, the assembly concluded in dialogue, with the youth leaders making suggestions and proposals, some of which will be brought forward to the National Council.  Many of the proposals were in relation to engagement and recruitment of new members for Development and Peace.  In fact, throughout the entire weekend, recruitment strategies was an important and evolving discussion among all of these youth leaders.

Overall, the leaders who attended the National Youth Assemble were able to study in depth and better understand the functioning of Development and Peace, its governance and its work.  For some, this experience was their first big step into the organization’s democratic structure and the ideal moment to learn about its operations and procedures that can, at times, be quite complex.
And despite the magnitude of the task at hand, no one was disheartened, but rather, these youth leaders were interested and inquisitive as they were seeking to understand the inner workings of the organization, down to the smallest details!  
Youth Programs Officers, Brenda Chaput-Saltel and Marie-Hélène Roy, patiently guided this solid group of youth leaders through a weekend that proved to be a wonderful success for everyone!