“It gives me hope!…”

It is with this cry of the heart that a major donor (who prefers to remain anonymous) closed the meeting that we had with her last Friday (May 4th), to thank her for an important gift she made for a project involving youth in the Palestinian Territories.

I was there with one of my colleagues from International Programs, Sonia Lebesgue, Program Officer for the Middle East, and Monica Lambton, a very active member of Development and Peace, who lived in Jerusalem for a few years.

Sonia talked to us about the benefits achieved by one of our partners in the Palestinian Territories, The Society of St. Yves, an association of legal experts established in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, working for human rights.  In the Palestinian Territories, when we talk about human rights, we are talking about everyday life. For example, The Society of St. Yves helps children and youth to live in a stable family environment by assisting their parents in obtaining their Jerusalem residency status, thus insuring family unification. The Society of St. Yves also helps them to get their social rights recognized (health insurance, children benefits, etc.).

Our donor was delighted to have been given the chance to hear about the work of the partner benefiting from her gift. Moreover, she said she was thrilled to be “part of our team”. And we thank her from the bottom of our hearts!