National Council: Word of thanks from the past president

The last National Council meeting of 2012 is now completed. As representatives of the grassroot membership of Development and Peace, the meeting was an opportunity to affirm that the organization is faithful to its mission, mandate and plans for the future are consistent with social justice in our world. Information was received from staff and there was extensive debate on a number of topics.

The National Council received a presentation and had a constructive dialogue with Archibishop Richard Smith, president of the CCCB on issues of mutual concern. This was noted to be the first time that a sitting President of the CCCB had met with National Council in over 40 years.

National Council discussed the decision to modify the fall campaign and the significant pain that this event had caused the organization. However, members reaffirmed that people in the Global South want Development and Peace to aggressively pursue advocacy as part of its mandate.

A new slate of nominations for the Executive Committee was approved. I hope that all of you will join me in welcoming and supporting, Pat Kennedy, who was elected as our new President.

As Past President, I want to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for all the support I have received from members of Development and Peace, from my colleagues on National Council, and staff.

Thank you.

In Peace and Solidarity,
Ronald Breau