Participate in the consultations on Canadian development aid

On May 18, 2016, the government of Canada launched a review and consultation process concerning Canadian aid policy, to be carried out by online consultations and roundtables. You have until July 31, 2016 to make your voice heard on the five priorities of international aid identified by the government: 

  • health and the rights of women and children;
  • clean economic growth and climate change;
  • governance, pluralism, diversity and human rights;
  • peace and security; and
  • responding to humanitarian crisis situations and the needs of displaced populations.   


There are various ways to participate in these consultations: 

1. Online: You can participate by submitting your comments directly on the portal launched by the government. 

2. Roundtables: Organized around different issues, they are not always open to the public. Consult the portal regularly to have access to the latest information. 

3. Provincial councils for international cooperation: Visit the website of your provincial council for more information. 


You’d like to participate in these consultations?

In order to support you in your endeavors, we’ve created the  Development and Peace advocacy guide  where you can consult the section on international aid. In the guide, three demands are put forward and explained in order to bolster your own demands:

  • For Canada to show leadership on the international stage by adopting a concrete strategy and a clear timetable to reach a level of public development aid that represents 0.7% of national income ; 
  • For Canada to refocus its public development aid strategies on helping the poorest and most vulnerable people and supporting fragile states; and 
  • Local populations targeted by this aid must participate meaningfully in the process of identifying international aid priorities.

The other themes of the guide, i.e. climate change, the crisis in Syria, and mining justice, may also inspire you. Moreover, the priorities identified by the government are inter-related, so the various arguments provided may be brought to bear on these different issues. 

Development and Peace has participated in some of these roundtables, and we will continue to make our presence known! We will also submit a report presenting our vision of what Canadian development aid should be. The report will be available on our website, and you can consult it very soon. This is a great opportunity to share your concerns and opinions with the government concerning the shape that Canada’s international aid should take.  

We invite you to participate in large numbers. This is how we can change things!


Your provincial inter-national cooperation council :

– Canadian Council for International Cooperation:

– Atlantic Council for International Cooperation: 

– Quebec Association of International Cooperation Organizations:

– Ontario Council for International Cooperation:

– Manitoba Council for International Cooperation:

– Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation:

– Alberta Council for Global Cooperation: 

– British Colombia Council for International Cooperation:

– Northern Council for Global Cooperation: ncgc