Reduced funding for Development and Peace: The Global South needs you more than ever

“In July 2010, Development and Peace submitted a funding proposal of $49.2 million to CIDA for our programs over the next five years. We have finally received the government’s response. It is not exactly what we were hoping for. And it’s not what you were hoping for either.”

These are the words of Development and Peace Executive Director Michael Casey at the beginning of a letter that he sent last Friday to presidents of Diocesan Councils across Canada.

“Development and Peace just signed a new agreement with CIDA for a contribution of $14.5 million over the next five years, or $2.9 million per year,” he wrote.

It should be mentioned that from 2006-2011, Development and Peace received a contribution of $44.6 million from CIDA. Last year, the government agency, with whom Development and Peace has ties since its founding, contributed $8.2 million to Development and Peace’s programs in the Global South and in the North. Thanks to this sum, Development and Peace was able to finance 186 development projects in some 30 countries.  

In light of this reduced funding, Development and Peace is encouraging its members and supporters to increase their annual contribution to our sisters and brothers in the Global South this Share Lent.

You’ll find Michael Casey’s letter and a fact sheet about Development and Peace’s finances below.