Renew the Passion

It is time to renew the passion.

Today is Good Friday for Catholics. What Jesus endured on this day we call the Passion. It was today that Jesus was put to trial and executed on a cross. This execution took place because he revealed a God whose passion for life, love and the poor could not be controlled by earthly authority or power.

It is Indeed a passionate day – a day of great emotion. It is because of Good Friday that we can say God truly knows what it is to suffer violence, hatred, poverty, and death.

God knows. What can we say about what we know? What do we know about the suffering of our brothers and sisters in the world today? Good Friday is a day to ask ourselves that question.

At Development and Peace it is a question we ask all the time. In asking the question, we discover the passion. It is the passion that comes when we witness the destruction of lives in countries where we work. It is the passion that comes when we see people who are willing to make huge personal sacrifices to stop this destruction. There are so many of these people – Hassan in Burundi, Ismène in Haiti, the women of the Siria Valley in Honduras, the Catholic bishops in the DRC, Archbishop Barreto in Peru, the list is endless. Our passion comes from joining forces with them and walking together in search of a better world.

“Renew the Spirit of Lent” was the call we made to Canadian Catholics when we began our annual Share Lent campaign over 45 years ago.  The spirit was renewed and it is still strong today. Now we need to renew the passion. We need to renew our passion for putting an end to death and suffering. We need to renew our passion for finding a better way to live, love, and share the gifts of God’s creation.

During Lent, Catholics give things up – chocolate, dessert, TV.  On Good Friday we fast. Little or no food is eaten.

Today hundreds of people across Canada are renewing the passion by joining their Good Friday Fast to the mission of Development and Peace. They are writing to their friends, families and loved ones and asking them to honour the passion of Good Friday through a donation to Development and Peace in support of their Fast. This effort is being led by our National Council (below) and dedicated staff. Visit their fundraising pages and renew your passion today.