Saskatoon school raises $42,000 for Development and Peace!

The Box Lunch Auction

Box Lunch Auction at Holy Cross High School in SaskatoonEach year, Holy Cross High School in Saskatoon holds a Box Lunch Auction to raise money for Development and Peace. Homeroom classes create, assemble, and prepare lunches which are then sold off to the highest bidders. Students gather in the gym in the morning and for one hour lunches are promoted (by a real auctioneer) and then sold – always for a value far exceeding the actual cost of the meal! The spirit that overrides the event is not ‘how much can we get’, but ‘how much can we give.’ Thousands of dollars are raised as the school comes together in a spirit of community and generosity.

The staffroom bid

The most sought-after lunch is the opportunity for the winning bidder to dine in the staffroom. This year, the graduating class of 2012 worked hard all year long to raise money to win the Staffroom Lunch. They planned and facilitated a huge garage sale, a fun Night for an elementary school (with silent auctions, dunk tanks, and numerous interactive games), a coffee house, bottle drives, party admissions, and some of the girls spent countless hours knitting scarves and other articles for sale. As staff members, we were truly inspired by the energy and initiative that the Grade 12 students had as they came together in the name of Development and Peace and creatively worked towards their fund-raising goal, which they not only met but exceeded. A whopping $29,000 was set on the table for the Staffroom Lunch!

The energy of the auction

The Staffroom Lunch alone does not an auction make though, and 23 other classes rose to the occasion to dream up creative lunches to offer for bid. We had “Cheeseburger in Paradise”, “Fondue Feast”, Turbacon Epic Mealtime Meets the World”, “Fabulous Fintastic Fishtival of Food”, “The Hunger Games”, “What’s in Memo’s Lunchpail?”, “Carpenter Cream Can Cook-out”, “Slip-Slidin’ Away”, and many more creative lunches. A lot of fun was had by all, and many morsels of excellent food were tasted in the school on May 17th. In total, $42,888 was raised for Development and Peace through this event!

Thank You

The Development and Peace Just Youth group at the school, which we have the pleasure of guiding, deserve a huge thank you for all the time and commitment they demonstrated in their weekly meetings to plan and carry out all the tasks associated with this successful box lunch auction. Another huge thank you to all the staff and students who entered the excitement of the event, and helped bring food to the table and bidders to the gym. And we couldn’t do it without the help of a great auctioneer, Stan Garchinski, who pulls it all together in an hour.

Unity in our world

May God continue to pour out his spirit that unites us as brothers and sisters in the world. And may our Catholic education always inspire a spirit of hospitality and extending of our table.