Sewing a solidarity quilt!

As Lent begins, Development and Peace is launching a brand-new initiative: the solidarity quilt. This involves a pilgrimage organized at both the national and international level, where our members and our partners in the countries of the Global South are invited to collaborate in sewing a giant solidarity quilt that will travel the country from west to east (from British Columbia to Ontario) and east to west (from Newfoundland to Quebec). The quilt will be assembled in the centre of the country.

The purpose of the pilgrimage is to put together a collaborative work that can travel across Canada to prepare us for Development and Peace’s 50th anniversary celebrations, which will begin a little later in the year. “This is an opportunity to gather, celebrate, and reflect together, while weaving links of solidarity,” says Jean-Paul St-Germain, coordinator of Development and Peace’s jubilee campaign.

So the pilgrimage will start today in Victoria, British Columbia, and in St. John’s, Newfoundland. The solidarity quilt will follow a very precise itinerary and will expand throughout the trip, as the diocesan councils add their patches. At the end of the pilgrimage, the patches will be sewn together, producing two large quilts to be used during activities organized on a national scale. We will also ask our partners from countries of the Global South to send us a patch to be added to the central patch so as to incorporate their presence during organized activities.

The pilgrimage begins today, Ash Wednesday, and will end on April 2, 2017, the fifth Sunday of Lent.

You can follow the pilgrimage in real time on the event’s Facebook group!