Upcoming National Council meeting: A message from the president

Dear friends,

This week, the National Council will gather for its annual assembly of members.
The National Council meets three times a year but the November meeting is always especially significant, and this year perhaps even more so.

We have gone through a challenging period and have heard from many members from across the country regarding their concerns, questions and frustrations. We have many important issues to discuss amongst ourselves but also with our membership at wide.

During this meeting we will discuss how our membership is responding to the Fall campaign and think about how we can engage a dialogue on a national level with our members and supporters as well as with our partners and allies both in Canada and overseas regarding the future we want for Development and Peace and what we will need to do to build it together.

Other topics of importance will include a discussion on our governance review process, follow-up to Resolutions from the Regional Assemblies and acceptance of a number of reports from our different departments and National Council committees.

Five new members will be voted in, a new Executive Committee formed as well as a new President elected, as I will not be renewing for another term in this position.

On a special note, we have invited Archbishop Richard Smith of Edmonton, as President of the CCCB to come introduce himself to the members of National Council at this meeting. This will surely be rich input into the reflection we are launching. We will hear his views and he shall have a chance to hear ours.

In the days following the meeting, a summary of the decisions, follow-up and discussion points will be prepared and circulated to DC Chairs for wider distribution among our active membership. I will also follow-up with another blog post to share some of my impressions and the conclusions of this meeting.

We count on your thoughts and prayers during our deliberations and I take this opportunity to thank you for your inspiring commitment to our mission and solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the Global South.

In Peace and Solidarity,
Ronald Breau, President