2017 Solidarity Calendar | Development and Peace

2017 Solidarity Calendar

2017 Solidarity Calendar

Learn, Pray and Act in solidarity with women throughout Lent!

Women are central actors in creating positive change in their communities, yet they often face difficulties because they are not treated equally.

Join us as we learn about the challenges women face around the world, and meet amazing women who are overcoming these challenges in incredible ways.

Sharelent Calendar 2017

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March 5

Watch the video of Pope Francis’ prayer intentions for May 2016 and learn what his Holiness has to say about the role of women in today’s world.


March 13

Watch a video about Indonesian women bloggers, including Risya, a courageous 22-year-old blind women who empowers girls and women through her blog!


March 15

Watch Development and Peace’s video A Day in the Life of 11-year-old Jonacel in the Philippines. How is your life similar to or different from Jonacel’s?


March 31

Hear what Samira, an 8-year-old Syrian girl, has to say about the conflict in her country and what she hopes for.


April 10

Watch our video A Day in the Life of 13-year-old Janine. What did you notice about her way of getting water and her value of education?