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Ten years of action for an ombudsperson

Since 2006, Development and Peace has been advocating for access to justice for communities negatively affected by the activities of Canadian mining companies in the Global South. We are asking the Canadian government to create an independent ombudsperson who can be a voice for justice here in Canada for those whose rights have been violated by Canadian extractive companies operating overseas.

After ten years of action and advocacy by over 500,000 Canadians to call for access to justice for communities affected by Canadian mining companies overseas, Development and Peace - Caritas Canada celebrates the creation of an ombudsperson for mining, oil and gas operations around the world.



Launch of the Life before Profit campaign, which exposed the irresponsible extraction of natural resources in countries of the Global South by foreign companies.

The Mining, Land and Water campaign called on the government to hold Canadian mining companies accountable.

150,000 signed action cards were given to MPs on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

The Canadian government develops a corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy for Canada's international extractive sector, and creates the Office of the Extractive Sector CSR Counselor. The initiative ended up being inconclusive. The process is voluntary and no successful mediations took place.

La campagne Voice for Justice campaign reflected the hardships faced by communities in Honduras, Peru, Madagascar and the Philippines and called on the government to create an independent ombudsperson for the Canadian extractive sector. Meetings with MPs were organized by Development and Peace members across the country.

On May 14, hundreds of people from across Canada gathered on Parliament Hill to call for an ombudsperson to ensure that communities in the Global South have a voice for justice. MPs receive 80,000 action cards signed by their constituents.

On January 17 in Ottawa, the Minister of International Trade, François-Philippe Champagne announced the creation of a human rights ombudsperson for the Canadian mining, oil, and gas sector around the world.




2013 Campaign:
A Voice for Justice

Rally for mining accountability on Parliament Hill

Rally May 14 - representative from Alberta

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The Philippines:
A toxic legacy

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