Our program

Development and Peace’s program in Bolivia is aimed at strengthening civil society organizations and increasing citizen participation (women’s leadership, prevention of violence against women, and the participation of Indigenous and marginalized populations).

One of the goals of Development and Peace’s program in Bolivia is to promote women’s rights and their role as full citizens.

Our partners endeavour to reduce poverty, primarily amongst women and Indigenous groups, by establishing initiatives that support the socioeconomic development of communities and enable those concerned to participate in the management of revenues from the development of natural resources.

The situation

Bolivia has undergone a long period of political instability marked by numerous coups d’état and frequent military interventions. The nation’s first Indigenous president, Evo Morales, has served three consecutive terms.

The country, which is rich in natural resources (mineral resources, oil, gas, etc.), has a positive economic record and has averaged a yearly GDP growth exceeding five percent. Despite this, landlocked Bolivia – wedged between Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru – remains one of the poorest countries in the Americas.

Women have benefited little from the country’s economic growth and today, still find themselves marginalized and victims of violence. Indigenous people, as well as women and children in rural areas, live in conditions of extreme vulnerability.