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"My eldest daughter was a victim of rape. I went to the radio station and got hold of the authorities who helped me take my case to court. They helped me to exercise my rights. The boy responsible was arrested. Before, the other women in our village and I did not know our rights. Now though, thanks to RCK radio and our core group, our lives have changed in many ways. We are aware of our rights and rape is no longer a secret. When a girl is raped, we go straight to the police and we ask for justice. The RCK radio station helps us a lot. Thank you, because I have seen how this is truly working for change."


Cécile Kazadi lives in the village of Mbalaka in the southern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and has participated in a group of RCK radio listeners for several years now.

Partner Description

For more than a decade, Development and Peace – Caritas Canada has been supporting community radio stations in six provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), a country affected by more than two decades of conflict. Due to a normalization of sexual violence in the DRC, Congolese women are the target of systematic sexual assault. In this context, community radio has become an essential tool for women struggling to change the climate of impunity in which these acts are committed. Wherever community radio is broadcast, small groups gather to listen. This spontaneously creates core groups of people who can discuss and reflect on issues together. By enabling women to come together in groups, to communicate with one another and to have access to information about their rights, community radio becomes a powerful tool for change and for enhancing the collective dignity of women. The work of Development and Peace empowers women like Cécile Kazadi and her daughter to break the cycle of sexual violence and impunity, and to spread their message of hope.

In DRC, Development and Peace supports community radio networks.

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Thanks to your donation, from now on, women like Cécile Kazadi will have the chance to break the infernal cycle of sexual violence that goes on with impunity.