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"This is the first time since my husband’s death that I feel like I am a productive woman who participates in society. I have a good salary, and it is the fruit of my own efforts; I am not indebted to anyone. The Beit Almonah project offers several benefits, including the fact that I am working to support my family while taking care of my children, since I work from home. I would like to tell Canadian women that women in Syria are not weak. They are capable of doing anything that can preserve their dignity."


Hayfa is a young 32-year-old Syrian woman who lives in Douma, a city in the suburbs of Damascus. This mother of four has had to support her family on her own ever since her husband lost his life after being hit by a shell. She has been working for a year with our partner Aosus, and is part of the Beit Almonah project, where she cleans the wheat that will be used to make kechek, a preparation of fermented yogurt and crushed wheat.

Partner Description: Aosus

Aosus is carrying out the Beit Almonah project in Ghouta, an agricultural region of Syria. Besieged by the Syrian regime since 2012, this region has an unemployment rate of about 85% and its population survives with an average income of $90 per month.

This project’s two objectives are:

  • To give families access to an income by having them work drying fruits and vegetables that are used to fill food baskets.
  • To counter food insecurity by distributing the food baskets to the most vulnerable families during the winter, a period in which food prices soar and the siege becomes even more difficult to bear. Since Syrian women are traditionally assigned tasks involving food management, they are the main participants in this program.

Development and Peace supports Aosus:

21,000 people

have benefited from food baskets prepared by 1,075 people (of which 95% are women).

1,500 baskets

distributed in 2016.

2,000 baskets

distributed in 2015.

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