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"I find that education is the most powerful weapon a woman can acquire, especially in these circumstances of war. At the Darna Centre, I got back my self-confidence. The staff help women gain confidence in themselves and make them aware of their rights."

"All the participants in the training course on sewing have gone through this experience together, like a family. There, we got psychological support: the weight of our problems seemed less onerous when we all shared it together. The other women encouraged me a lot, and I was able to succeed in this field. I learned a great deal, and I wish nothing but the best for the Darna Centres."


Loubna, 39, is married with two children. She and her family were forced to flee their home because of the war. She now lives in Maarat al-Nu'man and recently followed a three-month training course in sewing at a Darna Centre, a vocational facility.

Partner Description: Darna Centres

We are working with people in northern Syria, especially women, to give them the tools they need to provide — with pride and dignity — the essentials that will improve the living conditions of their families. The projects supported by Development and Peace – Caritas Canada respond to the major crises caused by the war in Syria. They positively influence economic, social and political conditions there. We support projects that promote women’s economic autonomy, as these projects have a positive impact on the status of Syrian women. They lay the foundation for an egalitarian society and break the cycle of poverty. We support the Darna Centres, two vocational training centres for Syrian women. Women attending workshops at the centres receive monthly financial compensation and can have their children cared for while they are attending classes.

Development and Peace provides Syrian women with the means to realize their ambitions. Between June 1st, 2016 and May 31st, 2017:

280 women

will have had access to an 11-week sewing course, as well as psychosocial support.

265 women

will have taken an English course, 300 a computer course and 80 will have participated in courses in writing and reading

80% of the women

who have taken the sewing course will be able to find a job related to their newly-acquired skills.

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