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Mugniar Marakarma

"I am interested in citizen journalism. Having participated in AJI’s training, I’m able to broaden my horizon on citizen journalism, and at the same time, learn about the fundamentals of journalism. During AJI’s trainings, I wrote several articles because I think there are some things that need to be shared, for example, on the law or women’s rights."
"It turns out that I can express things that some people don’t know. Some people have admitted to me after reading my articles that they discovered new things. Sometimes, when I publish an article, my blog traffic increases. Over a period of 20 days, I published 17 articles to my blog, and they were read by 22,000 people!"


Mugniar Marakarma calls herself a housewife blogger. She has been writing a blog for several years, but after following AJI’s workshops she began to write more on issues that affect women and to submit articles to newspapers across Indonesia. She has been published in multiple newspapers throughout the country and continues to submit articles on a monthly basis. She finds it exciting to have her pieces read by an increasingly large population.

Partner Description: AJI

The Association of Independent Journalists - AJI is an organization of independent journalists that has been working on fostering a free and fair press in Indonesia. This is critical in a country that has a poor human rights record and is still emerging as a democracy after decades of dictatorship. AJI has sought to promote human rights and in recent years, it has focused on strengthening the representation of women and other minorities in the media. In the city of Makassar on the island of Sulawesi, AJI began to offer workshops to women’s associations so that participants could analyze and reflect on the portrayal of women in mainstream media and encourage them to change that view through writing.

170 women

have participated in a media workshop offered by AJI. Now they can make their voices heard.

80% of participants

improved their writing and can now write a news report.

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