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Silvia Rodríguez

"There is a lot of injustice in Paraguay, and it is sad to see so many people without access to basic needs, especially those who do not have land. Decidamos’ work is important because they offer training courses we can use to defend our rights. I wish that there was land for everyone, that women were free, that they had the freedom to organize and defend their rights, that they can continue to struggle and that they never get tired, for their own good and for the good of all the women of the world."


Silvia Rodríguez is an agricultural producer and is the secretary of AMUCAP, an organization in which she has been involved since its founding. A large part of her time is dedicated to AMUCAP and to meetings with its members who work in the gardens.

Partner Description: Decidamos

The work of Development and Peace – Caritas Canada is essential in Paraguay’s current context, where the expanding cultivation of soya as a monoculture goes hand in hand with an increased concentration of agricultural land in the hands of a minority. Most small landowners do not have proper land titles and wind up expelled from their land, which increases levels of poverty. The work of our partner Decidamos aims to reinforce peasant organizations so that they can promote farming that is respectful of the environment and defend peasant rights before the authorities. Silvia Rodríguez is a member of AMUCAP (the Association of Women Peasants of Caaguazú), an organization supported by Decidamos. Founded in August 2015, AMUCAP brings together Indigenous women farmers from southeastern Paraguay who are taking action for a society based on social justice, while promoting food sovereignty and organic farming. Thanks to advocacy work done by the women of AMUCAP, the municipal authorities gave them permission to hold farmers’ markets. These enable women to sell their products and gain a weekly wage.

AMUCAP gathers women from

more than 120 farmer and Indigenous families.

18 agricultural fairs

have taken place since the beginning of the project.

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