The themes

Our programs address the root causes of poverty by working on the following issues:

Democracy and Citizen Participation

Good governance is key for achieving development that is equitable and where people have the ability to influence decisions that affect their lives. It is essential for building societies that are based on social justice and human rights. Development and Peace support initiatives that raise awareness on government accountability and promote free and fair elections.

Ecological Justice

Ecological justice, which includes both climate and environmental justice, includes the economic, political, social, environmental and spiritual well-being of all people. Development and Peace supports policies and practices that allow people to live together in harmony with the Earth. It also recognizes the historic responsibility of wealthy countries for the ecological impacts of their model of development.

Peace and Reconciliation

Without peace there can be no development. Development and Peace supports peacebuilding initiatives that address the root causes of conflict, promote dialogue, encourage local participation, integrate traditional practices, and propose ways to peacefully settle tensions. 

Justice for women

Good governWithout equal rights, women are marginalized and made vulnerable. We are working to ensure that women and men benefit from the same rights and have equal access to goods, services and opportunities.