2021 National THINKfast program | Development and Peace

2021 National THINKfast program

2021 National Online THINKfast Program

Thursday, March 11 @3pm to Friday, March 12 @4pm

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*Note on Zoom Security

People are welcome join the THINKfast for all or part of the following program.


You can download the program in PDF format. PDF File

Time (EST)
Session Title

Thursday, March 11

Solidarity Soup
Solidarity soup meal together before we begin the fast.
3pm – 3:45pm
Beginning of the Fast and Introduction
At this point, participants will begin the fast in their own way.* An introduction to the event and opening prayer will be shared.
3:45pm – 4pm
A chance to get to know who you are fasting and fundraising with.
4pm - 4:30pm
Reflection on Social Justice
An opportunity to reflect on why we are gathered here.
4:30pm - 5pm
Launch Creative Corner!
We will have an ongoing Virtual Creative corner during the fast where you can share photos, poems, drawings, and creativity.
5pm - 5:30pm
Scavenger Hunt
Get ready to race around your house!
5:30pm – 6pm
Hydration and Stretch Break
It is important to stay hydrated while fasting, and to take breaks from our screens.
6pm – 7:30pm
D&P Amazing Race
Get ready to compete with your team, racing through a series of tasks in order to complete a final challenge!
7:30pm - 8pm
Off-screen Reflection Time
Take some time off your computer to reflect and stretch.
8pm – 9:30pm
Movie Screening
Social Justice themed movie screening followed by discussion groups.
9:30pm (ET)
On-line programming will be shutting down for the night. We will offer a few suggestions of Global Justice movies for the night owls!

Friday, March 12

8:30am (ET)
Morning Prayer, Coffee & Juice
Join us for morning prayer, followed by sharing of morning coffee or juice
9am – 9:15am
Morning energizer
Something special to get us up and moving for the day!
9:15am – 10am
Hone your personal pitch and check on your fundraising goal!
10am – 11am
Partner Presentation
We will be hearing directly from an international partner about what D&P support means.
11am - 11:30am
Reflection and discussion
After partner presentation we will have time for reflection and discussion.
11:30am - 12pm
Hydration + stretch break
12pm – 1pm
“Fast and learn”
Instead of a “Lunch and Learn” we will be having a “Fast and Learn” with an International Programs team member while enjoying some liquid refreshments.
1pm – 2pm
Discussion groups
In small groups, we will have the opportunity to discuss and action plan for our schools/youth groups/DCs/communities.
2pm - 2:30pm
Walk + reflect
You are encouraged to go for a walk and bring back an object that symbolizes how you are feeling.
2:30pm – 3pm
Scripture reflection session
Using some guiding questions, we will invite you to share your reflections in the Creative Corner.
3pm - 3:30pm
Small groups
Back to small groups to discuss the day.
3:30pm – 4pm
Breaking of the Fast together! Closing prayer.

*A note on fasting:Not everyone is able to fast in the same way. We encourage people to fast according to what is appropriate for your age and health. We do not want anyone to not be able to join us because they are unable to fast.

These are our THINKfast guidelines for fasting: To fast properly we must drink fluids throughout our fast so keep filling up that reusable water bottle! Anyone older than 11 in good health can safely go without food for 25 hours. Anyone with a cold or flu, liver or kidney problems, or a serious illness should not take part in a full 25-hour fast.

If in doubt as to a person’s fitness for the fast, be sure to check with a doctor. Participants with special health requirements may need a space to store and consume specific foods.