January 2017

Serge Langlois named executive director of Development and Peace

“It is with humility and honour that I accept today the leadership of Development and Peace,” said Serge Langlois. “I am pleased to join this organization whose vision and values ​​are dear to me. Our thousands of members, donors, partners and employees form a movement of solidarity, united around our shared values ​​of social justice and international solidarity. On the strength of the support of the Canadian Catholic Church for the past 50 years, we will continue to offer a voice to the poorest and most vulnerable populations in order to respond to the social inequalities and injustices in the world.” Read more


Creating space for disabled women in Indonesia

Creating space for disabled women in Indonesia

In Indonesia, there are still many barriers that keep women from entering the labour force; only an estimated 50% of Indonesian women are currently working outside of the home.

The challenges are even greater for women with disabilities. Discrimination and accessibility issues prevent them from getting an education or an employment. Learn more about how organizations supported by Development and Peace helped several women gain skills that led to meaningful employment and a renewed sense of purpose.


Development and Peace helps 10,000 displaced Syrians endure harsh winter

Development and Peace helps 10,000 displaced Syrians endure harsh winter

Since the siege in East Aleppo ended last month, the cold weather has taken a severe toll on the estimated 50,000 Syrians remaining in East Aleppo, who sought refuge in temporary shelters or severely damaged buildings, and who do not have access to clean water, adequate food and electricity.

With the help of its long-time partner, the Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS), Development and Peace was able to provide 10,000 Syrians displaced from East Aleppo supplies that will help them endure harsh winter conditions. Read more


Action for climate change: There’s still time to speak up!

As the Government finalizes its budget, Development and Peace ask its members to continue supporting our work to combat climate change through small-scale family farming.

Agroecology allows people to live in dignity and feed their communities while helping to slow down global warming.

Over 300,000 cards have been distributed to Canadians asking the government to increase its support to sustainable agriculture. Add your voice to the movement by signing our petition and by calling or tweeting your MP. #climatechange

Philippines: Communities must be full participants in reconstruction

Development and Peace representatives, L-R, Genevieve Talbot, Conceptie Gervé and Marguerite Bilodeau presented Thomas Mulcair, MP Outremont, QC, with signatures from over 500 Canadians who recognize the value of small-scale agriculture as an important tool in fighting climate change


New coalition to strengthen relations with Indigenous peoples

New coalition to strengthen relations with Indigenous peoples

Development and Peace—Caritas is proud to become part of a new coalition, composed of seven catholic organizations, whose goal is to foster relations with Indigenous Peoples.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle brings together Indigenous peoples, Bishops, clergy, lay people, and institutes of consecrated life engaged in renewing and fostering relationships between the Catholic Church and Indigenous peoples in Canada. The coalition’s mission is to serve as a united public Catholic voice on the Church and its relations with Indigenous peoples and spirituality in Canada. Read more


Emergency Funds for Haïti

Emergency Funds for Haïti – THANK YOU

Nearly $1.2 M received to date!

Thanks to your generous donations, Development and Peace has been working with our partners OFTAG and FESMAR in Grand’ Anse, one of the regions in Haiti hardest hit by hurricane Matthew. Our efforts have been focused on helping women peasants repair their homes and start farming again. Read more


Youth member news hot off the press

Youth member news hot off the press

Find out all about the many activities that Development and Peace’s youth have participated in over the past months, including the National Council, an enriching Kairos Blanket Exercise, and a promotional campaign at Université du Québec in Rimouski that helped sow the seeds of solidarity. Read more


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