April 2017
Merci à nos donatrices et donateurs

We would like to express our gratitude to our donors who support the mission of Development and Peace. It is thanks to the generosity of thousands of Canadians that we have the opportunity to carry out so many important projects simultaneously.


Crise in Africa

The crisis continues to take its toll in the east of Africa and in the North east of Nigeria, where it is estimated that 20 million people are in danger of dying of hunger in the coming months. We are working alongside our partners to deliver emergency aid to those in need. Please give generously.


Le rapport annuel 2015-2016

Development and Peace – Caritas Canada 2015-2016 Annual Report is out!

Download it here and learn about some of the projects we accomplished throughout the year to put an end to global injustices and raise awareness amongst Canadians.


solidarité au Liban et en Syrie

While Bishop Raymond Poisson, of Joliette and Hélène Tremblay-Boyko, Vice-President Development and Peace National Council were on mission in Lebanon and Syria in February, they met several inspiring women who are at the heart of change in their communities. We asked them to tell us about two of them; here are their stories.


Une affaire de justice

This May, join us in an action month and spread the word in your network. Learn more about how you can act throughout the month to ask our Canadian Government to act.


Let’s Demystify Agroecology

Launch of a new thematic analysis "Let’s Demystify Agroecology"

Download our new thematic analysis on agroecology and learn how this approach supports peasants' rights, helps feed people and cool the planet.


Development and Peace responds to Trudeau government budget

In this article, Serge Langlois Executive Director for Development and Peace – Caritas Canada talks about his disappointment: "this budget does not live up to Canada's commitments and responsibilities for global sustainable development."


Youth Forum 2017

Youth Forum 2017

Participate in the Youth Forum on Food Sovereignty, taking place in Ottawa from June 9 to 11. Click here to learn more

Want to know what is going on in the youth movement? Click here to read the latest newsletter!


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