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Hommage aux femmes qui vous inspirent

Vous avez été nombreux à partager avec nous des portraits de femmes qui vous ont inspirés. Merci!
Les hommages rendus sur cette page sont publiés dans la langue d’origine et ne seront pas traduits. Merci de votre compréhension.


Mon épouse Sophie. C’est une femme courageuse, dynamique, vaillante, attentionnée et elle a un très grand cœur. Sophie est présente dans les moments heureux comme dans les épreuves, et c’est une mère très généreuse et aimante.
Par : Frederic Tremblay

Lise Gauvreau. Les implications caritatives, communautaires et humanitaires de cette femme de devoir sont diverses et variées, pour le plus grand bonheur des bénéficiaires. Développement et Paix te remercie infiniment pour tout ce que tu fais!
Par : Augustin Betchi

My friend Holly inspires me because she is herself, with no judgement at all. She can do whatever she sets her mind to and amazes me every day with her joy and bravery.


A Sister named Doris Giroux. Trained as a teacher when the Church lost the schools. She retrained as a practical nurse and spent her life supporting the French Northern Alberta faith community. During her retirement she served as Mother Superior.
By: Avner Perl

Femme de relations, Gisèle Turcot est une femme inspirante, engagée au nom de sa foi dans des combats pour la justice, la défense des personnes démunies, la promotion de l’égalité des femmes et des hommes (Antennes de paix, Femmes et Ministères…).
By: Réseau Femmes et Ministères

Amanda who is my youth group leader inspires me because she never thinks of herself, she gets put in a room with fifty teens, who are hurting from the past or present and with teens who may be addicted. She helps all of them by sharing the word of God.
By: Sarah Neelands


Our mom inspires us to do the right things. Our grandma inspires us to do our best and to sacrifice. Our Aunt inspires us to read.
By: Tristan and Trey Zivanov

Viola Desmond inspires me because she was not afraid to stand up for what is right. Also, she was a smart woman who helped many who were mistreated. She wasn’t afraid to do what she knew was right even though others thought it was wrong, and she challenged racial discrimination.
By: Roarke

L’implication de Céline Roy au conseil diocésain de Québec est remarquable depuis de longues années et ce n’est pas fini. Bravo pour tes prestations artistiques inoubliables et mille mercis pour ta générosité !!!
By: Augustin Betchi


A woman that inspires me is my cousin. She inspires me because she stands up for what she believes in and doesn't care what others think of her. She always has a smile on her face and she's always happy.
Par : Paige Taylor

My daughter, Lisa Ward, inspires me every day with her dedication as a choir director, and her enlightened approach to her business. She has brought music to her community for almost 30 years, inspiring people of all ages to sing beautifully.
Par : Carol Van De Woestyne

This is a picture of my grandma (dad's mom). She passed away last year in November. She was one of my best friends and we both were really attached. She was like a second mother to me. Even though she passed away, she will forever be my inspiration and my hero. Miss her.
Par : Zarrish Bhatti


Amelia Earhart was the first women to fly across the world solo. That inspires me to be who I am no matter what.
Par : Jaxon

My mom inspires me because she is always there for people. She is always there for me when I need her there. She also inspires me because she is one of the funniest people I have ever met in my life.
Par : Bailley Obrien

A woman that inspires me is my friend Paige Taylor. She inspires me because she stands up for what she believes in. She is very inspiring because she doesn't quit.
Par : Keith Regier


My nana inspires me because she is loving and kind. She doesn't let anything get in her way and she stands up for what she believes in. She is full of courage and is a very giving person. And she does things without expecting something in return.
Par : Miaya

Luce Cuvillier was an independent business woman, and an unconventional figure in the Montréal of the mid-19th century. She was very intelligent, and never hesitated to express her opinion. She chaired in a women’s organization that helped the poor, the elderly and the disabled women.

My sisters, just because of how creative they are! All of my sisters are in school for the arts, whether it be Film or Music. Having the courage to choose something they truly want to do, rather than just something that they know they'll be successful in.
Par : Victor Regier


My daughter inspires me because she is full of courage and joy. She is not afraid to be herself. She stands up for what she believes in and is proud of her accomplishments. She is not afraid to try new things, and she doesn't care what other people think.
Par : Heather George

My mother inspires me because she is the most caring person I know. She would do anything for me in a heartbeat. Plus, she is a great cook. :)
Par : Jared Ducharme

Sadie Robertson inspires me, because she is such a strong believer in her faith. She is always looking for ways to make other people feel good. The advices that she gives to young women just inspire me to become a strong young woman.
Par : Mckenzie Masse


Peggy Seaman runs daily at the gym/outdoors. She is full of Faith and prays fervently for others. Her outstanding communication skills attract friends of all ages. She's an avid volunteer helping many in need. She texts inspirational thoughts each morning.
Par : Sylvia McIver

My mother Mavis was an outcast as a child and victim of misogyny. She rose humbly and defied the constraints of patriarchy to become an exemplary figure for women everywhere. She empowered the voice of women in politics, business and community development.
Par : Mapfumo Chidzonga

Nicole Nanatasis O’Bomsawin est une anthropologue et muséologue de formation, mais également une femme engagée, une militante écologiste, une consultante autochtone, une conteuse et une conférencière recherchée. J’ai eu la chance de rencontrer cette femme lors d’un cercle de parole au printemps 2015 à Odanak.
Par : Dumont Fernand


Luz Lombos founded a private school in the Philippines. She teaches Language, Literacy and Religion subjects; writes children’s books, poems and songs. She spreads reading programs, conducts parenting seminars, donates books and school supplies to nearby communities. She has supported a few teenagers to obtain college degrees. Doing these, she brings about changes in the lives of children and the youth.
Par : Umberto Lombos

Artist Angelica Castaneda Velasco. In the Bachelorship of Arts only five women learned painting. She married, had 6 children. At 87 she continues to paint. She said women need to be educated. They will raise a family and will teach their children.
Par : Ma. Angelica Chavez-Kovacs

Hélène Chénier (1931-2007) Croyante engagée décédée le 16 mars 2007 à Montréal, Hélène Chénier nous laisse un héritage important. Enseignante et directrice d’école entre 1951 et 1985, cette femme d’action et de convictions aura marqué la société et l’Église du Québec. Sa vie fut consacrée à la promotion des femmes, à l’éducation, au syndicalisme, à la justice sociale et à la liberté dans l’Église.
Par : Marco Veilleux


My mother is my inspiration. Throughout my life, she was always there to provide guidance and love. She planted the seed of faith in me and I will forever be grateful for everything she’s done. Even though she is no longer here, her memory will live on.
Par : Robin Noftall

La femme qui m’inspire est ma mémère Rocque. Elle m’a toujours poussée et encouragée à être forte et ce, depuis que je suis toute jeune. Elle s’est toujours occupée des autres. Elle a toujours défendu ce qu’elle croyait et ceux qu’elle aime, donc elle m’encourage à faire de même. Louise Rocque est une mère, grand-mère, tante, arrière-grand-mère et amie extraordinaire.
Je l’aime beaucoup. XO
Par : Rachelle Rocque

My mom inspires me. Her love is unconditional. She did her best for her children. She sacrificed a lot for us. From the moment she gave birth until now, she has taught us how to be better persons and to be closer to god. We are from the Philippines.
Par : Anastacia Sandoval


Ma maman. Elle a dévoué son temps et son énergie pour m’inculquer des valeurs telles que le partage, le pardon, le travail et la solidarité. Ce sont ces valeurs qui font de Développement et Paix l’organisme qu’il est aujourd’hui. Je ne serai jamais assez reconnaissante envers cette femme, qui continue d’aider les personnes sur son chemin qui en ont de besoin. C’est une femme persévérante, courageuse et fière des gestes qu’elle pose autour d’elle. Maman, je t’aime et je te remercie d’avoir contribué à la femme que je suis aujourd’hui.
Par : Marcelle Simo

Yoanna est une femme que j’ai eu le privilège de côtoyer lorsque j’étais animatrice de terrain de jeux (j’avais alors 17-18 ans). Son dynamisme et son charisme inspiraient la confiance. Elle avait cette énergie du cœur qui pousse les gens à se surpasser. Cette femme m’a aidée à avoir confiance en moi, à reconnaître mes forces, à exprimer mon opinion et à suivre mes convictions. Yoanna, je suis bien contente de t’avoir croisée sur ma route. Tu es une femme inspirante! Merci de ta générosité d’âme!
Par : Elisabeth Desgranges 


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