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October 2013

Many communities in the Global South report that their rights are not respected and that their health and livelihoods are threatened by Canadian mining operations.

In Madagascar, a mining company prevents farmers from cultivating many of their fields. In the Philippines, villagers live with heavy metals in their blood. In Honduras, the contamination of a river killed all the fish. In Peru, a village will be moved without the consent of its inhabitants.

Canada’s economy benefits from the extractive industry, but this income should not be generated at a cost to citizens in developing countries. Those harmed by the activities of Canadian oil, gas and mining companies should have recourse to justice here in Canada. Considering the dominant role of Canada in the international mining industry, it is our obligation as Canadians to take action.

Join our Voice for Justice campaign and tell your MP that Canada needs an ombudsman for responsible mining.

In 2009, the Office of the Extractive Sector Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Counsellor was established to resolve conflicts between affected communities and Canadian extractive sector companies outside of Canada.

Due to a weak mandate, the CSR Counsellor has been inadequate in resolving conflicts and has not provided effective remedy to communities.

Canada needs an effective and independent extractive sector ombudsman, responsible for investigating complaints brought by communities overseas where Canadian companies operate.

Click here to send a message to your MP calling for the creation of a legislated, extractive sector ombudsman mechanism in Canada.

In solidarity,

The Development and Peace team

Tell your MP that Canada needs an ombudsman for responsible mining.

Meet your MP Week:
November 11-15

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We have created several tools to help you, including:
• a petition to be signed and then submitted to your MP;
• a practical guide of key steps for a successful meeting;
• talking points to discuss during your meeting.

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