January 2018

Today, the Canadian government announced the creation of a human rights ombudsperson for the Canadian extractives sector operating overseas. Read the press release.

For the last ten years, we have been asking the Canadian government to hold Canadian mining companies accountable for human rights abuses they have committed while operating in countries of the Global South.

Today, thanks to you, communities will now have a Voice for Justice!

On behalf of Rakotoarimanana in Madagascar, Eliza in the Philippines, Arturo in Honduras and all those who have lost their land, had their rivers polluted and seen their livelihoods destroyed, we want to say thank you!

You have been standing alongside them for the last 10 years in their struggle to have their voices heard and their rights respected.


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Thank you @FP_Champagne @CanadaTrade for a #humanrights ombudsperson that gives communities in the Global South a #voiceforjustice! Please make sure this office is independent and has the powers needed to compel corporate disclosure. #miningjustice @devpeace @open4justice


How you have made a difference over the last 10 years!

We launched the campaign Life Before Profit calling for the government to hold mining companies accountable and you immediately showed your support.

150,000 signed cards were given to MPs on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Hundreds gathered on Parliament Hill in support of our campaign A Voice for Justice calling for an ombudsperson.

Thanks to your unwavering support and solidarity with poor and vulnerable communities in the Global South you are creating change and building a just world!


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